Video Datamining is the future

22 May

Real time video sharing and searching. Its the future.

I am interacting with many friends. Particularly in e-learning industry. Most, possibly all of them are still working on text based data. for example putting stuff into a database, processing it, and giving an output. This is an old old way of doing it. Not a single one I know are working on video datamining. Whereas the counterparts in USA and others are well into video data mining.

So what’s video data mining. Well when you see a rock thrown at you you doge it because you know its a rock. How did you know its a rock? Well that’s intelligence built in your brain. When you see a new Pizza banner that looks tasty, you walk into the pizza store. You can make out what the food might contain and your brain has already built up a map on how it would taste like and possibly you would salivate without you being conscious of it. so if you search on a social network say “which friend of mine ate tasty food recently” , it must return the Google glass videos for al the friends that ate tasty food recently.

Lets say that you say you search for “baby jumping with a cat” on youtube, you expect to see a cat jumping, a baby jumping together, but youtube disappointed me. Video data mining is not just a video getting broken down into series of frames and an A.I recognizing objects in a frame, but the A.I should be able to string the frames together and know what action is going on, plus tag it with what it understood from voice, plus identify objects in it, know its dimension and know the relative position of one another, this must be combined with cameras GPS system to form a full circle.  Possibly all this could be done n real-time. And it will be done in real time now or in near future. this is already there in gesture recognition.

None likes to read stuff, people like more to listen and see. Possibly we might one day forget the art of writing and reading in another 1000 years. Who knows. Why do we need to have representation of thought when thought and experience can be transferred from mind to mind?


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