Indian politicians runaway from RTI

05 Jun

Its an excellent move by India to bring political parties under the Right to Information (RTI) act. After all political parties claim that they are clean and transparent and serve people. The funny thing is, even the parties that claim that they are morally superior are apposing this move towards transparency.

On one side they say that transparency is needed, yet they don’t want their parties to be accountable to people. This act by politicians clearly shows their double standards, or in other words clearly proves that they are liars. Why should one be afraid of transparency when one is honest. We are not asking with which actress you slept with this week, all we are saying is you parties are there to serve public so be transparent to public and furnish the information that the nation asks from you.

I am quiet sure that the move to bring political parties under RTI will fail. Even if it succeeds, people who tried to get information will be harassed and possibly killed. Many RTI activists are killed in India every year, and almost none of their murder mysteries are solved! No wonder.

We the people should learn to ignore politicians and try to build a parallel system to challenge them.

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Posted by on June 5, 2013 in Politics


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