Don’t Buy @ Thalapakattu Briyani in Sithalapakkam

06 Jul

This blog is mainly for Sithalapakkam residence. While you enter Sithalapakkam main road, at the right (opposite to the school ground), there is a huge Thalapakattu briyani shop. Please don’t buy briyani from there.

Last week we got that briyani, I ate it, usually if the briyani is good, I eat all of it, but something was strange, but was not evident. Few hours after that my stomach felt an irritation and a huge stomach ache forced me to take a day off from office.

I was with the feeling that its only me who was affected, but then people in home told me that they too smelled the chicken was not god, possibly old rotten one. So please avoid it.

How ever chicken 65 cooked there before your eyes could be safe, as its cooked in oil that will be about 120 degree Celsius, which will kill almost all bacteria.

Being the biggest briyani shop in Sithalapakkam, it would be better if they set some hygiene standards, as their briyani is not cheaply priced.

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