Widraw from Battle, win the War

01 Aug

George Washington

A couple of guys get tuition for their Information Technology and Electronics and Communication Engineering from me, and its quiet pathetic how they approach education. They seem not to have even the basic idea of Mathematics without which an engineer must not exist. I was able to prove to them 1/4 added to 1/2 is still 1/4 and they agreed! Okay, this blog is not about that.

One worrying thing about them is they have lack of planning, its almost zero. They come to me just to pass in the slip test without understanding the basics or to get the homework done. Well, people must be thought about war strategy, many of which can be applied in life. I am reminded of American war of Independence. When Washington took command of a team of people who were nothing more than rags, he fled from many battles and avoided the English, but kept on improving his armies skill. In five years they were kind of ready and in York Town when the French Navy blockaded Cornwallis by sea, his troops sieged and won the English.

Thats how studies should be. Even though one does not know 5th standard Mathematics while entering Engineering, one must not worry about slip tests and getting zero in it before others. One must prepare the core knowledge he has, and must build more knowledge upon it. Everything should be built upon ones understanding and not on ones ability to memorize things (though memory is important). If time is enough one can enter the final examinations with confidence and smile and not with anxiety.

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