Chinese must try to overthrow Red Families

24 Aug

Chinese Flag

Though China’s growth is impressive, the corruption among its Communist party is too much. Since its not democratic, the people really don’t know whats happening. China is fast becoming like India in corruption and is far worst than India in promoting freedom of expression and openness. This is truly hampering the progress of a good nation.

Industries in China pop up ignoring the destruction caused to environment. People who work there are treated like robots and slave and their human value is ignored. China is one of the worst policed states on this planet, administration deploys spies and harasses people who cry out for freedom.

China had a cultural revolution, though many mistakes were made in it, it achieved its goal of overthrowing a monarchy, but just like India, which achieve freedom (from the English savages who killed innocent people here,) — there by shifting corruption from the white to dark skinned people, in China corruption has shifted from monarchy’s families to Communist Red Families. Thats it.

Chinese have always outperformed India and many Asian countries, they are intelligent, and have potential. Possibly if Chinese transfer to democracy, or better to dynamic democracy, then the meaningless territorial ambitions and human rights abuses that have put China in a shameful position will reverse and make it truly respectable nation.

My wishes to freedom seekers across the border.


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