Who believes in who is important…..

08 Sep

I can’t believe the stupidity of God believers, they simply ignore science and fail to investigate what God really is and what are the psychological and environmental factors  process that led humans to create it. Well, this blog is not about that. Not to educate God believers that God does not exist, they are too stupid to understand that. But to tell this (well this blog is for stupid God believers):

Lets say that you are working in  a office in a diligent fashion, yet you get fired. The reason – your boss does not believe in you. No matter how much you loved the company you worked, if some one at the top believes that you don’t deserve to be there, you will be smoked out.

Now lets take God and you. Do you really think is important to believe in God? Or is it important that God believes in you? Well you are a guy / gal with clean conscience, never think of God, and  there is another one who does all wrong things, believes in God intensely and prays for forgiveness all the time. Who do you think God should believe and cast blessings?

Millions of people who go to temple are those who have committed sin, and they wish to think of God just to ask for forgiveness. Another bunch want to think of God to have a better life. Another bunch don’t believe the universe created by God has totally let them down and seek him to lift them up. These people seek God, what the heck they think? God is a moron or something? And there is a big bunch of people that preaches about God and fools people by telling that God helps those who have faith in him. Babe / Dude, NO, NEVER. God if he exists never helps those whom has faith in him, but will help those he has faith upon. Simple.

Why doesn’t the pope, Hindu and Muslim and other leaders preach this. Well, if they did so thy won’t have a following and hence no  business. Well, how do I know this? Just now God commanded me to write this blog. Promise! He was really white like a white washed house, he had not seen the sun for long and hasn’t tanned and looks like ghost. and he told me that the readers of the blog will deposit $1000 in my bank account if they truly believed him 😉


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