Why Tambaram East Railway Station is Badly Lit?

21 Sep

I just left the train at Tambaram railway station and went to its East end, it was at night and my God. Just after I had stepped off the bridge, the place was gloom dark and I could not see people who were walking before and against me clearly. The place is bloody badly lit.

In the morning I was there to board a train and hence the place was registered in my mind. I know a place where it steps down, so I proceeded with caution, just a second after I cleared that place I heard a sound “oops” from some one who had almost fell down. There are short poles placed in close proximity at its entrance to prevent vehicle entry. These poles do not have smooth ends, they are three feet tall and made of iron, and in it I saw one banging his knee at night.  That guy was a old man and he had to tend his aching leg to proceed further.

I wonder what the heck is going on? Just because people in railways , possibly the ministers and blah blah want to have a big house, go to trips abroad, have kilograms of gold even on the concubines and make sure that their successive generations must live in material filled rich world, they are ignoring the masses. Making some one stumble down a step, injuring an old mans knee.

This is just the one place I saw. Who knows in which railway stations what stupid things happen because of stupid politicians and administrators who are disconnected from people. I wish they die with extreme pain. Their children one day become beggars and compete with stray dogs for food in the dustbin.

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