Raja Rani – Mouna Ragam Mutated

07 Oct

Was watching Raja Rani last Sunday, well, its just this Mouna Ragam by Maniratnam has been mutated. The role of Mohan and Revathi in Raja Rani is played by Arya and Nayantara. In Mouna Ragam the married coupled get joined at last in Railway station, over here in Airport (good improvement). In another version that might come in another 15 years, the couple will be united in a spaceport! In Mouna Ragam, Mohan falls sick and love develops, here Nayantara falls sick and love develops.

In Mouna Ragam, only Revathi has a flash back love story. In Raja Rani, both Arya and Nayantara have a flash back stories. And here at the last scene, Nayantara will discover that her first lover Jai who plays some what Karthik (of Mouna…) reappears. He fakes his death so that Nayantara forgets him!!! At-least the director of this movie can do some thing different. Who knows this piece too might be lifted from some other movie (I won’t be surprised if that happens).

Overall the film is just a time pass and you could watch it if you have nothing good to do. I Liked Mariyaan more than this one, because the story seemed more original than a blatant copy of something.

This film has a bit humor built into it which makes it non boring. Usually Santhanam’s humor is highly vulgar, but here its not so. Thanks for that. And ya, there is no Shakeela in this movie, thats surprising. In Mouna Ragam there is no Silk Smitha either!!!

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