Start screening Nigerians

11 Nov

Nigerians in India have got a bad name, just because a small percentage of them have done very wrong things like selling drugs, phishing, other fraud activities an so on. To kill any one in this land unlawfully is not acceptable. India belongs to humanity and not to a bunch of people who call them Indians. We need to be clear about it.

First Indus civilization flourished, after the arrival of Aryans, the Nandas, Guptas and Ashoka reigned this land. In the south Rajaraja became an Asian emperor extending his kingdom in Malaysia and Srilanka. This land has seen many Golden periods and more famines and nearly has a 10,000 years history.

Then Mugals came into India, because of which people like me enjoy briyani a lot. Then the British. Though India preserved Mugals legacy and muslims in its land, it failed the preserve Anglo Indians who are just wiped out. In short reproduce like rats and your community will thrive in India. In fact no piece of land belongs to none on this planet or any where in this universe.

India should be welcoming to any one who wishes that he can make this land more prosperous. Now to protect the good Nigerians here we have no other choice but to screen all their nationals who are here. Identify the crooks and chuck them out.

If this is not done, then there will be a tension all the time and there will be communal classes often which is totally stupid and unnecessary.

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