Tata motors helpline sucks

30 Nov

18 Nov 2014, I was going to office when I felt strange in my car (a tata nano), I was near Velacherry and I turned my car to return home, I was around Medavakkam and my vehicle ceased completely at the junction in midst of super heavy traffic. With the help of a policeman and a passer by I pushed my vehicle to the end of the road. Just a week before it my vehicle went completely dark and I changed battery.

I searched my contacts and got a Tata motors help line, I called it. The voice said that they are transferring the call to emergency break down team, and it rang and rang and rang. Then some one picked it up and answered in Hindi. i requested them to speak either Tamil or English and he did something then I head the ringing stuff once again and none piked it up.

I called the second time and this time they said they will transfer the call to break down team and it rang and rang and rang, none from the break down team responded. The third time I called, it must have been half an hour since my car had broken down, the sun was beating, every vehicle in the Medavakkam junction was missing my vehicle by few feet, I had to be there, I could not move from that spot.

The third time I asked them to give some mechanic number, but they said they knew no mechanic number in Chennai!!!! Which just surprised me. I told them clearly that they are hopeless and for everything they said “we are sorry for your inconvenience” , rather than being in a helpline those people could have made their living well as politicians or their binaamis. No matter how much I tell them that their break down response team is waste, they would transfer a call to that stupid thing and none would pick it up.

My uncle arrived on spot an we decided that to goto the nearest service center OMR check point in Perungudi. We went there only to find out that its been vacated somewhere and Vestas now occupied it. Then I received a call and this time it was from Tata motors helpline, I told them that I will see a local mechanic and they are waste, but even that girl would transfer call to the emergency break down or what ever, and once again I heard the ringing sound, it went for another 1 minute, I was fed up and cut the call.

Thank fully my uncle remembered a TAFE Reach (another service company) number, we called them and they arranged a pick up truck which charged us Rs 2500/- to toe the vehicle.

Well, why am I writing this, just one week of the repair, my car A/C stopped working and when I am frustrated about Tata motors again some guy put a comment positive about Tata Motors in my Tata motors is unreliable blog. 😦 . It would be nice if he can take upon my travel expenses when my car is in repair. I have to live without my car for another 4 days I think.

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