The Villa is quiet good

30 Nov

Just watched this movie a kind of ghost thriller ‘The Villa’ made by the guys who did this movie Pizza and its quiet good, not bad indeed.

Its a story of a writer who deals with a house he inherited from his dad, apparently this house was built by a black magician and this house is able to induce messages from future into the brains of people who live there and how these message become true even if people try to stop it.

The movie starts quiet good, the middle of the movie seems boring just like normal love story, but at the end the stuff start and we know why thing were the way they were, and stuff takes a superb turn.

These Tamil movie makers must learn about science a bit. Though this movie builds on blind faith, I can’t accept the fact that water exposed to sunlight for a long time is called deuterium. It just threw me off, I paused and laughed for about 5 minutes. Well if you know some one associated with the movie pass them this link

Apart from trying to mix science and blind faith which this movie flops, this movie is okay to watch. You will enjoy this movie if you don’t mind ignorant minds massacre science or if you don’t know science.

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