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Ask the Alumnus Employees

Why its that no company refer their alumnus employees to the person who are seeking job? All companies want to know almost everything about the people who are applying for job. In fact they carry background checks. But once you are in, you experience politics, this and that which spoils your work and mind.

This 2013 was really turbulent for me. A deal with two companies turned sour. I found internal stuff to be unbearable and all were hidden between some bureaucratic stuff and stupid certification. One company even told developers to fill in time sheets! They could not differentiate between mechanical content development, their main business and coding.

I have learned one thing. If you seek contract or job from any company don’t believe the company. The company may show growth, optimistic forecast, a great technical team. But remember all are shrouded in a cloak you can’t see. If you get in expecting a decent work place you will be fooled.

To know about a company, goto  facebook or linked in, seek the company employees, better people who had worked there, message them and know about it. Ask the H.R why particular employee went out even though the company claims to be THE HEAVEN for work. With the H.R’s statement, cross reference with the employees weather the H.R did a diplomatic talk or a true stuff.

And one thing, don’t walk into a place expecting big buck raise. Salary is one thing, if you are talented you will be hired, so don’t worry about it, look for a good work place. Unfortunately no company has a open policy to let their employees to talk about the internal stuff in the external world. Employees had to quit to do so. That sucks, that ain’t democracy, that ain’t freedom.

Letting out secret is one thing, but criticizing about work culture in public domain must be allowed and bosses should be able to take on negative tweets against them in a sportive manner. Wonder when the people having power and money will change? Will they or there must brew a revolution?


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Read Engineering From Internet – TN Govt

So finally! The government of Tamilnadu, India has acknowledged (indirectly) that Engineering colleges in the state are absolutely waste. This acknowledgement comes after 20 years and many lakhs of students life’s being spoiled by engineering colleges.

I am an I.T consultant based in Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu, I studied my engineering here in Tamilnadu and I came out of college almost skill less. After my graduation I built my programming skills and now I make my living managing many coding projects.

Now I interview many people across India for various companies and for my project, but after 10 years since I finished engineering college I find standards getting more worst. People who have finished Electrical Engineering don’t know what an relay is, people who finish Electronics Engineering don’t know ehow an diode works, Communication Engineers don’t know why we now go in for digital transmission of data rather than pure analog. Computer science engineer can’t explain what BNF or a tuple is or how a piece of code is more efficient than other. Sometimes I feel like burst out laughing, but control i with great difficulty.

College has simply become a social institution. You meet people digitally on facebook or Diaspora or Twitter, and you meet them Away from keyboard (AFK) in college. Thats it. Students and staff come to college just for social aspect. Or mostly because the college management forces them to attend against their will.

Almost no Engineering or Technical college in Tamilnadu has got a useful patent, put out papers on scientific discoveries, even the professors and doctorate holders get their degrees in imperfect way. Students for their final year projects go to some companies which sell them ready made project kits, buy them and submit it to the college and get their professors approval. Professors have tieup with companies which sells these kits. Even my project 10 years ago was completed in the same fashion.

Teaching is really bad. Almost no staff knows what they teach, they just read out from books and copy math problems onto the board. Library in many colleges are locked or don’t lend books. Some colleges don’t let one to take books off from library that are not related to their subjects. Many colleges don’t have a proper computer, electronics, chemistry or any other lab. Even if they do, mostly its for display to parents (to convince to put their kids in) and goverment officials who come in for inspection.

Students are made to sit for lectures for eight hours a day. Students simply can’t opt in and opt out of these classes thought mostly by idiots. Boys and girls in many colleges are forbidden to speak to each other and students are forbidden to roam campus except for few allotted hours! For example to know about my college panimalar, visit this link

Now looks like the government has taken note of all these and has told students to follow coursewares created by MIT, edX, IIT and other institutions. There is no other way… But if the colleges lock in students and don’t grant them freedom, like free wifi and ability to use tablets and computers on campus this initiative will fail. I am confident that this will fail 100% unless student freedom is restored.


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Who believes in who is important…..

I can’t believe the stupidity of God believers, they simply ignore science and fail to investigate what God really is and what are the psychological and environmental factors  process that led humans to create it. Well, this blog is not about that. Not to educate God believers that God does not exist, they are too stupid to understand that. But to tell this (well this blog is for stupid God believers):

Lets say that you are working in  a office in a diligent fashion, yet you get fired. The reason – your boss does not believe in you. No matter how much you loved the company you worked, if some one at the top believes that you don’t deserve to be there, you will be smoked out.

Now lets take God and you. Do you really think is important to believe in God? Or is it important that God believes in you? Well you are a guy / gal with clean conscience, never think of God, and  there is another one who does all wrong things, believes in God intensely and prays for forgiveness all the time. Who do you think God should believe and cast blessings?

Millions of people who go to temple are those who have committed sin, and they wish to think of God just to ask for forgiveness. Another bunch want to think of God to have a better life. Another bunch don’t believe the universe created by God has totally let them down and seek him to lift them up. These people seek God, what the heck they think? God is a moron or something? And there is a big bunch of people that preaches about God and fools people by telling that God helps those who have faith in him. Babe / Dude, NO, NEVER. God if he exists never helps those whom has faith in him, but will help those he has faith upon. Simple.

Why doesn’t the pope, Hindu and Muslim and other leaders preach this. Well, if they did so thy won’t have a following and hence no  business. Well, how do I know this? Just now God commanded me to write this blog. Promise! He was really white like a white washed house, he had not seen the sun for long and hasn’t tanned and looks like ghost. and he told me that the readers of the blog will deposit $1000 in my bank account if they truly believed him 😉


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Widraw from Battle, win the War

George Washington

A couple of guys get tuition for their Information Technology and Electronics and Communication Engineering from me, and its quiet pathetic how they approach education. They seem not to have even the basic idea of Mathematics without which an engineer must not exist. I was able to prove to them 1/4 added to 1/2 is still 1/4 and they agreed! Okay, this blog is not about that.

One worrying thing about them is they have lack of planning, its almost zero. They come to me just to pass in the slip test without understanding the basics or to get the homework done. Well, people must be thought about war strategy, many of which can be applied in life. I am reminded of American war of Independence. When Washington took command of a team of people who were nothing more than rags, he fled from many battles and avoided the English, but kept on improving his armies skill. In five years they were kind of ready and in York Town when the French Navy blockaded Cornwallis by sea, his troops sieged and won the English.

Thats how studies should be. Even though one does not know 5th standard Mathematics while entering Engineering, one must not worry about slip tests and getting zero in it before others. One must prepare the core knowledge he has, and must build more knowledge upon it. Everything should be built upon ones understanding and not on ones ability to memorize things (though memory is important). If time is enough one can enter the final examinations with confidence and smile and not with anxiety.

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Doug is dead

When I told the news to my colleague sitting near me, who is also an engineer, he got angry and said not to disturb him while he is at work. Possibly he might not been disturbed if I had told him what dress Namitha is wearing for her next film shoot.


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Brick and Arrow


I am seeing quiet clear pattern in I.T enabled companies. Usually I.T enabled jobs are quiet repetitive, like call centers where they need less thinking. Lets say that a guy starts a call center with 10 employees and his earnings is x rupees. If he scales up and has 20 employees he can hope to earn 2x rupees. That’s simple math.

Its like a prisoner breaking bricks or stone in a prison. You have 10 prisoners and they can break 1500 bricks a day, have 20, they must be able to break 3000 bricks.The brick breaking process is methodological, disciplined and clean.

Now take an archer in a battlefield galloping and aiming his arrows on the enemy. The enemy is no fool. He will be clad in armor having only few weak spots. The archer should be extremely skilled to place his arrows on the right spot. You can’t expect that an archer in 30 minute battle can down 20 people, then he can down forty in an hour of battle.

The movement of an archer in battle will look chaotic, but what looks chaotic is nothing but responding to dynamic changing situation. There is a discipline and skill under what looks to be chaos,

Usually the programmers and engineers in a company will be doing something that hasn’t been done before (by them at the least). Things are new and you are put to find innovative solutions. The behavior of them will look chaotic as they respond unknown unknowns turning into known unknowns which then turn in known knowns. But like an archer the skill they obtained by practice and freedom they have will dictate them to look for an aim and shoot at their target.

The problem I see is many I.T enabled companies are finding it difficult to grasp why the technology team is producing less positive results despite having hardy, skilled people. They must realize that there is a difference between a prisoner breaking bricks and a free and chaotic archer in the battle field.


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(Almost) any one can have an satellite of their own


What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds


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Plastic burned by Sithalapakkam administration

Garbabge and plastic burned right in front of homes by Sithalapakkam Panchayat.

Garbabge and plastic burned right in front of homes by Sithalapakkam Panchayat.

Once considered a beautiful place for a living, slowly but surely Sithalapakkam is turning into  hell hole for its citizens. Water that was once abundant here, now is becoming a scarce resource, many bores in Sitalapakkm have turned dry. Then there is absolutely no good garbage disposal mechanism here.

Today morning while I was having my breakfast, my room was suddenly filled with smoke. I wondered what and looked out and was shocked to see that panchayat workers were burning garbage just few feet off my home.  This garbage did contain lot of plastic and its smell filled the air.

My simple question is this, I know that its illegal to burn plastic in a place surrounded by homes, so the panchayat of Sithalapakkam is responsible for this illegal act. Shouldn’t it issue an apology, dissolve itself and hold reelection for the people to choose a new able sensible leader?

If the panchayat says that the workers are not knowledgeable and are ignorant about burning plastic, then why the heck  the panchayat  put such a people for such an important job like garbage disposal?

They say some guy called Arul rule this Sithalapakkam, but seeing thee troubles Sithalapakkam undergoes like accumulating garbage, inability to dispose them safely, the dog trouble that persists here, the lack of metaled roads laid in inner parts of Sithalapakkam, the illegal mining of water and sand from here and many others. If he is a decent man, shouldn’t he offer an apology and step down?

What happened to the leaders energy? To get votes these people come to our door step, but when they get elected they hide away like snails. Wish they had enough brains that would match that of snails. Why should we have a leader who isn’t educated enough to know how to dispose plastic waste? துப்பு இல்லாதவர்கள் தலைவராக இருந்தால் என்ன நன்மை கிடைக்கும்?


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Businesses With Heart

Try building a business with heart, you may succeed.

I have worked almost every level in the I.T field. There is one startling thing I notice, most businesses are heartless, and so are some employees. Each view each other as threat. This is a very sad thing. They forget why there is Business and why there is Work.

A business should be established so that it can bring smile to faces of humans. People must work so that they may go to bed that night knowing that they have contributed something good to humanity. That should be the purpose of Capitalism. A worker must have the belief that the company (s)he works in will protect him and not let down. A business must have belief that employees will work in it during crisis and will not behave like rats in a sinking ship, this trust must be there. This is what I call business.

Instead today I see the opposite. Business wants to get workers at the cheapest cost so that they can be more profitable, they want to exploit every drop of his blood so that one does the work of more than a person could possibly do. If the person fails, even for a moment of time, the business mercilessly finds another one to replace him and fires him.

On the other hand there are certain group of workers who just want to use business as their money source and nothing else. They are constantly focused on pay hike, and they think it must reach them some how by magic. Those who are in higher position often blame the people under them for failures and seek a way to continue to be inefficient and trustable. When will all this end?

The problem boils down to good heart and communication. A business or a bosses should never see people working under him as people who does some job and get away with money. He must trust them. Tell them what his or her idea is, and if accomplished what will happen and how the wealth will be distributed. Once the goals are reached, the word must be kept up. When there are hiccups, the boss should be tolerant to accept it. Else one must establish a business purely based on robots which are systematic and commit no error.

Its sad to see many business fail to do that. They think their workers as looters, say they are distracted even if he or she reads a magazine in office listens to music or does some thing else. Mind you no worker can’t work for 8 hours a day. If he can, then his work can easily be replaced by robots. Yet companies, even I.T companies which below its huge brand names put a subtitle that they are a knowledge and intellectual based business and make people think, do not keep up to their mantra.

The only way to solve this problem is to trust the younger generation. Rather than madly falling into the I.T or brand name trap, each and every one that comes out of college must think, “Can I have my own business? Can I make people smile by running it? Or will it bring tears? How can I start a business with heat?”

I don’t say that you will succeed just by reading my blog, but all I know is all young ones reading my blog start to think like this, at least one will will be able to spin a tiny business that has a heart in it.

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