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Read Engineering From Internet – TN Govt

So finally! The government of Tamilnadu, India has acknowledged (indirectly) that Engineering colleges in the state are absolutely waste. This acknowledgement comes after 20 years and many lakhs of students life’s being spoiled by engineering colleges.

I am an I.T consultant based in Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu, I studied my engineering here in Tamilnadu and I came out of college almost skill less. After my graduation I built my programming skills and now I make my living managing many coding projects.

Now I interview many people across India for various companies and for my project, but after 10 years since I finished engineering college I find standards getting more worst. People who have finished Electrical Engineering don’t know what an relay is, people who finish Electronics Engineering don’t know ehow an diode works, Communication Engineers don’t know why we now go in for digital transmission of data rather than pure analog. Computer science engineer can’t explain what BNF or a tuple is or how a piece of code is more efficient than other. Sometimes I feel like burst out laughing, but control i with great difficulty.

College has simply become a social institution. You meet people digitally on facebook or Diaspora or Twitter, and you meet them Away from keyboard (AFK) in college. Thats it. Students and staff come to college just for social aspect. Or mostly because the college management forces them to attend against their will.

Almost no Engineering or Technical college in Tamilnadu has got a useful patent, put out papers on scientific discoveries, even the professors and doctorate holders get their degrees in imperfect way. Students for their final year projects go to some companies which sell them ready made project kits, buy them and submit it to the college and get their professors approval. Professors have tieup with companies which sells these kits. Even my project 10 years ago was completed in the same fashion.

Teaching is really bad. Almost no staff knows what they teach, they just read out from books and copy math problems onto the board. Library in many colleges are locked or don’t lend books. Some colleges don’t let one to take books off from library that are not related to their subjects. Many colleges don’t have a proper computer, electronics, chemistry or any other lab. Even if they do, mostly its for display to parents (to convince to put their kids in) and goverment officials who come in for inspection.

Students are made to sit for lectures for eight hours a day. Students simply can’t opt in and opt out of these classes thought mostly by idiots. Boys and girls in many colleges are forbidden to speak to each other and students are forbidden to roam campus except for few allotted hours! For example to know about my college panimalar, visit this link

Now looks like the government has taken note of all these and has told students to follow coursewares created by MIT, edX, IIT and other institutions. There is no other way… But if the colleges lock in students and don’t grant them freedom, like free wifi and ability to use tablets and computers on campus this initiative will fail. I am confident that this will fail 100% unless student freedom is restored.


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Raja Rani – Mouna Ragam Mutated

Was watching Raja Rani last Sunday, well, its just this Mouna Ragam by Maniratnam has been mutated. The role of Mohan and Revathi in Raja Rani is played by Arya and Nayantara. In Mouna Ragam the married coupled get joined at last in Railway station, over here in Airport (good improvement). In another version that might come in another 15 years, the couple will be united in a spaceport! In Mouna Ragam, Mohan falls sick and love develops, here Nayantara falls sick and love develops.

In Mouna Ragam, only Revathi has a flash back love story. In Raja Rani, both Arya and Nayantara have a flash back stories. And here at the last scene, Nayantara will discover that her first lover Jai who plays some what Karthik (of Mouna…) reappears. He fakes his death so that Nayantara forgets him!!! At-least the director of this movie can do some thing different. Who knows this piece too might be lifted from some other movie (I won’t be surprised if that happens).

Overall the film is just a time pass and you could watch it if you have nothing good to do. I Liked Mariyaan more than this one, because the story seemed more original than a blatant copy of something.

This film has a bit humor built into it which makes it non boring. Usually Santhanam’s humor is highly vulgar, but here its not so. Thanks for that. And ya, there is no Shakeela in this movie, thats surprising. In Mouna Ragam there is no Silk Smitha either!!!

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Mariyaan quiet good

Mariyaan Poster

Usually Tamil movies that are based on love stories suck. Recently I watched this movie called Mariyaan, directed by some one called Bharthbala, and it was quiet good indeed. The movie went or without any boredom, and that’s spectacular (in relative terms).

The vitalization was excellent, its a story where hero gets kidnapped in Sudan and his will to see his girlfriend in Coastal Tamilnadu (India), keeps him alive enough to escape and then to be found by Sudanese fishermen. So! its just another love story, but its well shot and Ragumaans music is really good.

Do watch it if you have nothing else good to do.


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மனதில் தோன்றியவை

நம்பிக்கை விஞ்ஞானமல்ல என்று புரியவேண்டும்

அது வீன்போனாலும் கவலையின்றி வாழ வேண்டும்;

மணிதனின் பல பேதமைகளை அறிய வேண்டும்

அவற்றை நமது வாழ்விலிருந்து களைய வேண்டும்;

துயருலகில் இன்பத்தை காண வேண்டும்

புத்தனைப்போல் ஞானத்தை வளர்க்க வேண்டும்

அதை விரும்பியோர்க்கு அள்ளி வழங்கவேண்டும்;

ஆசை என்னும் சாத்தானை ஆள வேண்டும்

ஊக்கமே சிறந்த செல்வமென உணரவேண்டும்

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Rajnath must work to remove Sanskrit from Tamilian Temples

I kinda agree with Rajnath Singh (BJP leader) when he said English is a non-sense and it has ruined Sanskrit, an language spoken in ancient India. Yes Sanskrit is an Indian identity (or is it) and we have lost it. But Mr,. Rajnath why don’t you give out a statement that in temples across Tamilnadu where the mantram is told in Sanskrit, it must be replaced by Tamil (the language of the Tamils). in which way English is superior to Sanskrit and in which way Sanskrit is superior to Tamil?

This bloody Sanskrit guys and people who speak for it simply ignore the damages that bloody language has done to beautiful Tamil. Hindi which is an ugly language derived from Sanskrit is our national language just because most people speak it. Then if India goes by numbers crow but not the peacock should be national bird, rats not tiger should be our national animal.

Our Tamilian demands are simple. Our language which has the origins since Indus valley is the oldest language spoken in the Indus valley civilization and was here far ahead of Sanskrit. So Tamil is the true national language of India. Then why don;’t Tamil people get access to their God in their own language? Is it not a sin by Sanskrit people? Why should such a language and people who love it survive?

So Mr. Rajnath, you know which is the true national identity of India. So what you want? Vote bank politics so that you get the vote of Sanskrit and its derived language Hindi voters? Or truth politics where you can fight for Tamil and possibly loose your battle? Decide for yourself.


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பணநாயகத்தில் வாழ்வது எப்படி?

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Googles Opinion about Jayalalitha

goole on jayalalitha


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