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Why Nokia and Apple are waste

Nokia (which is nothing but now Microsoft)  and Apple are absolutely waste. This blog discusses why.

Well, Nokia was once phone leader. Almost every phone sold in developing world was Nokia, and it dominated the markets of developed world too. When Nokia made low tech phones, Samsang about 6 years back was rolling out smart phones that was quiet crap, so almost none got Samsung. Samsung had great ideas on how phones should be, but the hardware did not advance much to Samsungs expectations.

Then came Steve Jobs. Though an idiot who must have been hated by his engineers, he had excellent powers of persuasion and believed what he thought was right. Though iPhone and even the iPod were not his idea, he made the world believe it was his. He created mass hysteria, so these devices sold a lot, makers making the parts for it, for example SSD (solid state drives) have to increase production and reduce cost.

With these new devices, apple started to put patents like slide to unlock, ignoring the fact that for thousands of years humans have used door locks that need to slide to be unlocked!!! And those Apple stupids claim it as their own ingenious invention. Never mind, human heard of goat heads got excited and got bought products.

Apples operating system and hardware are proprietary, meaning say you want to tinker with it, like add a chip to iPhone to increase its memory, Apple will sue you or at least make your phone not work. Even if you want to install a software, Apple must know about it.

Google on the other hand does want users to not use Google on phones. Plus since phones and tablets are networked devices, Google wanted them to get connected to its servers all the time so that they can know about you, monitor you and give out best results depending on your activity. For example if you text your friend that you can’t manage your child, Google will pick it up and it will recommend a child psychiatrist or a baby sitter. If Google knows that you have problem with your spouse, it will recommend you a marriage counselor or a divorce lawyer and would collect advertising fees. Google clearly realized that people accessed internet more on handhelds than desktops or laptops. So it created an operating system called Android and gave it away free.

Samsung, HT and other companies took this Android, modified them to their wish and put them on in their phones. Google cleverly made it opensource so that more people started to write software for Android. This ensured that there will be more software available on Android than iPhone or a Windows phone. Apple and Nokia-Microsoft started to tremble, and possible annihilation was on the horizon.

Unable to compete technically and unable to generate ideas that would keep them on market, they bought companies which had stupid patents (similar to slide to unlock) and have formed a consortium called Rockstar alliance along with good for nothing blackberry. Now hey are planning to sue Android phone makers like HTC and Samsung and hope that this irritation will make them stay more longer on the market.

Patents suck, the world need to realize that. Patents stem innovation and competition. Patents serve only huge companies that are unable to compete with little organizations, sue them so that little ones will go bankrupt just fighting the case against big ones. Wonder when humanity will truly take a step against patents?

If you read this blog, please stop buying Nokia or iPhone or any of Apple or Microsoft products (any way none buys a blackberry). These companies are only interested in making money by filling patent suits on innovations that benefit humanity. They want to earn money and retard intellectual progress and freedom of human race.

Buy Android phones or better Ubuntu Phone.



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When Unity Sucked

Well, Ubuntu 13.04 was installed on my office system. It had unity and all was working great, till this happened

unity looks ugly

unity looks ugly

And then the wall paper changed like this

wall paper corruption

wall paper corruption

Well, I did report a bug in Ubuntu, but there isn’t any response as it would have been before, when Ubuntu listened to the community. Dismayed, I have installed GNOME on Ubuntu.

Looks like I have to change distros across all the computers I use, and ditch Ubuntu for turning blind eye to community. Its so sad, they bubbled up due to us, but now they ignore the hackers and others who contributed to it.

I think we must watch the bubble collapse and they will know the value of us.


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What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds


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SCIM works on Linux Mint

SCIm on Linux Mint

SCIM on Linux Mint

Yup, I am ditching Ubuntu. It works great on high power systems and Unity Desktop is really slow on any low power computers. Possibly those lenses are the problem who knows. But the main thing I missed in Ubuntu is SCIM (smart common input method) which lets me type my language Tamil quiet easily. For some reason it did not work in Ubuntu.

I have a desktop in my home that is low powered system compared to normal standards. I installed mint on it, surprisingly it installed faster than Ubuntu, it works smoothly without a glitch. And whats important is I can install SCIM and use Tamil in it! Just go to this link , follow the procedure and you got it.

Plus Ubuntu which started out by saying its a community distro is now ignoring the voice of community. Though I wont call it a betrayal, I feel it does not stand to mean what “Ubuntu” really is. So anyway thanks Linux Mint!

வாழ்க வையகம்! வளர்க லினக்ஸ் மின்ட்!!


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I Love Ruby 2013 released a long back

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

I Love Ruby 2013

Hello Ruby Folks,

I just noticed that I Love Ruby Book 2012 is getting lot of downloads from this blog (about 350 in two days). And it getting referenced from here. I just want to say I Love Ruby 2013 has been released,. Click here to get it. Bye.

And if you want the covers to be changed, here is a good suggestion. An ya sorry for not putting the latest release info in this blog. In 2013 June release I wish to get it Ruby 2.0 ready (that’s ridiculous as Ruby 1.9 is almost Ruby 2.0) . Any way the name jump will start another download frenzy and i can brag to my friends about it.

I am trying to write about the Struct in Ruby and Enum types. And that’s it. Enjoy life. And ya if any one can proof read book, spot mistakes, extend it, I will be very happy (provided this book is as free as in freedom).


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Coding @ 5X speed

It was a sweet news, we heard in last day or two that we the Rails guys in our office are able to develop code 5 times faster than normal. That put a smile on me, as well as a thought… ‘only 5x? why not 7x or 10x?’.

Well how could we achieve such a speed? The answer is simple. We use a well thought out application developer framework called Ruby on Rails, it eases many of the tough task that programmers do,  like interacting with databases and blah blah.

There is also an unfair comparison here. We were compared against people who develop software for iOS and Apple devices. though apple looks slick, its only the hardware that has the look, but Apples software is old, very very old. To make matters worst its coding tools and techniques are a generation apart. In fact if you compare Apple with Ubuntu, in last 3 year history, Ubuntu has revolutionized the desktop while Apple has essentially remained the same! Ubuntu is really fast and hence there is very less lag time while using Ubuntu.

The third is, good investors. Currently I am working for possibly one of the best people I have ever met in my life.  They are not only good professionals but good humans as well.

The fourth reason is I have got in good developers.  These are coders who can think and code without the help of any one. Yes we may interact to make things faster, but like Nelsons generals, each ships knows how to behave when in battle. I am quiet proud to say that I have 2 of the best coding minds in Tamilnadu with me.

The last but not the least, these coders love tech, they come to office not because of pay checks but because of tech and they want to explore it and learn about it. I am quiet happy about the development speed credited to us, but if 5X becomes 10X without any increase in bugs, I would be more happy.


Skype on Ubuntu GNU/Linux sucks

I had to attend various meetings. Stupid Webtoday’s policy mandates us to stay for about 14 hours in the office and hence I have almost time for nothing. So I installed Skype on my laptop to have those meetings. The first meeting got away smoothly, then I had another Webtoday meeting which should be ultimately dull and boring and skype helped me a lot! LOL. It crashed so often that I had a good reason to quit out of the meeting.

Well Skype on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 32 bit is quite good, but on 64-bit it truly sucks. Well what next? Skype is not the only stuff that offers free video chat,  we have this google which helps us have chat right from the browser. If nothing exists, then I will write a chat client of my own. Not so tough.

Any way I am lukin for a free software chat so that my chats won’t be tracked back door by a big company that wan’t to sell my personal data. If you know one just comment in this blog 😉 . Thanks for reading.


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xfce is far cooler than Unity

My laptop is 5 years old and I updated it to Ubuntu 12.10 recently, well Unity is cool to use, it integrates better with the keyboard and other stuff, but one nagging issue remained. SPEED. For some reason it was too slow. When ever I pressed the super key the dash took too long to load, when I search for a file or APP I have to wait for eons. I really got frustrated.

Its then when I fired up the terminal and typed sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop , so that I can get rid of unity and put on xfce. When I switched between desktops whola! Wow, what a speed!!

Well, the Gnome as well as Unity desktop is a really inefficient system When ever its fired, it created 15 or so processes which I don’t know what its used for. It uses more than 50% of my Celeron M’s power and more than 600 MB of my 1024 MB of RAM. that’s a lot. On top of that my applications should work that needs more processor power and memory. That is Unity cuts my systems capacity by 50%.

In modern core i series of Intel processors, this occupation may be very less say only about 20% s rest 80% is available to run you apps, but in my laptop resources are low. When running xubuntu desktop it occupies 350 MB or so RAM and below 15% of my processing power, I have got lot of space and computing power for my apps. That’s great!.

So if you have got a low power system, switch to xfce, be greener and save planet! Don’t dump off your old computers, use it as long as you can.

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I Love Ruby 2013 Plans

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

This cover might be retained for 2013 edition

OK, to those who have read I Love Ruby 2012 thanks. I am planning what should be there for 2013 edition. As a note of caution I must say that 2013 may never be released due to my laziness, or by some miracle I will be working in Webtoday ( I mean real work, no youtube and facebook ).

So, what new stuff may appear

  1. I will be writing about rdoc, how to read ruby documentation and generating it. Its very important to know about documentation for beginners
  2. Gems, how to use them and create them will be said (actually written).
  3. The licence could be changed from GFDL to Kopimi as this stupid Indian Linux User Group slammed me saying that I don’t have the right to put image of girls on this book without proper copy rights.
  4. The aim of book will still be the same. It will encourage one to take a boat out into the sea, thats it. It won’t teach him / her how to fish or dive beneath. Just tells one to take a boat out to sea.

And that’s it. If you want any other stuff just add a comment here.


Ubuntu programmers will be in high demand

Ubuntu on Nokia

Very soon a day could arrive where Ubuntu programmers will be in very high demand. Ever since its inception, Ubuntu has swept the computer world. Even those computer users who have not used it, have certainly heard about it. Its because of the brilliant marketing campaign by the company Canonical and its boss Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu Operating System is built on sound philosophy of Ubuntu which will sure attract hackers. It tries to be open as much as possible. And when it began life, millions of CD’s pressed with Ubuntu were distributed around the world free of charge. This propelled it to become the most favorite Linux operating system for desktops (of course today mint has slightly over taken it).


Ubuntu Heads Up Display

Ubuntu has always been innovative. When Apple and Microsoft rel;eased their OS’es in 1 or 2 year interval, Ubuntu released new version in every 6 months.Recently its Unity desktop revolutionized computing making it far easier for beginners (and even advanced) users to find and launch programs (though unity is not loved by much of old school Linux desktop community). Ubuntu in 12.04 will launch HUD ( Heads up display ) which will make it easy for one to access menus in a program, thus making one quickly access menus and hence make one complete his / her task quickly.

Ubuntu was one of the first Linux distros to target user experience and making it its prime goal. Almost all Ubuntu distros since 2005 have installed in 20 minutes and installation process is far  clear compared to Windows. Ubuntu has always proven that it has got the edge to capture the market and it has got the will not to do evil.

So why will Ubuntu programmers will be on demand in near future? Well its because of the following reason(s)

Ubuntu will constantly innovate and will be the most easy to use operating system on the planet. So many desktops and laptops in offices will migrate to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu will extend itself to tablets and mobiles. This will directly rival Android, but Ubuntu has got the stuff to make it the worlds best OS.


There will be a way to write program once and run it on any where, in any Ubuntu device. Possibly programs will be mostly written in Python and will run on desktops, tablets and hand held.

All the above features will make Ubuntu one of the top reigning operating systems and hence more programmers will be hired to write more apps. So if you are aspiring programmer, try learn to program Ubuntu, you could end up in fat paid job.

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