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Looks like Opa is the way to go

With a hot cup of tea, a pending priority project in Ruby on Rails and my personal target to learn  Behavior Driven Development, all shelfed for now and I am looking at this new web development language Opa. First I shrugged it off like I did to Ruby on Rails when I was a PHP guy, now my instinct is telling me to take another look at it. After second look, my view is changing from not bad to quiet impressive.

You see, web application development evolved from available heterogeneous technologies like Javascript used for client side scripting,  a server side language which could be anything from C, PHP to Ruby, and many frameworks built with them. Then you have databases to store data and they come with their own language called SQL. All these things make it quiet confusing. Opa takes another look. It says enough to many things and all we need to learn is one language called Opa and thats it!

Installation of Opa on Ubuntu is very easy, just double click one deb file and thats it. Currently I am wetting my feet in Opa, will probably dive into it very soon if time permits. I hope it will be much better than Rails.

Opa is a cloud language, which means that deploying on multiple servers ( possibly in different locations ) will be easy. I hope it has proper synchronization mechanism in place to transfer updated data from one server to next and load balancing features and stuff.

I will be reporting on this new language, probably regularly on my Opa category. So those interested, stay tuned!

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Posted by on April 17, 2012 in Opa, Web Tech

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