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Great I.T company in Chennai

I have tried regular job and I have been a consultant, had my own firms and blah blah. I find one thing common in I.T industry today. employees are simply treated as slaves. They must be worked out so that every praise from the client can be extracted showing off their work. This trend is prevalent in big I.T majors HCL, TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys and blah blah.

Many souls have been irrecoverably broken. On one side there is a mental torture from your company. On the other there is a torture from your family, which fails to understand you and forces you to stick with these slave trading majors.

Its not just these big majors,I have had problem with small companies too. In one company called Orxxxin xexxning, where I worked as tech specialist, I was invited into room one day and was said that I never worked for a month. I really walked into the cabin for a constructive meeting, then I was slapped with this ridiculous charges. This made me sleepless for two days and I quit. I am quiet sure if something like God exist, they will spit blood and die. More worst one of my friends called me after I quit and said that they said he did not perform for last one year. He was almost in tears.

In another company that supplies learning products called Exxerxus rightly located in Kilpauk (famous for its mental institute), I encountered a pure psycho. Though the company is not to be blamed, I wonder why they did not reign in on that psycho who would just yell on me for no reason. No wonder souls working under him were miserable. But there I also notice another guy called Suresh who was a excellent peoples man. If its not for him, the team would have disintegrated.

There is a middle and/or top layer in many companies which simply doesn’t work, which simply doesn’t know what technology is, yet its slightly smart enough to realize that it can fill its pockets with money earned by offering tech products and services and those people turn out to be those ghosts spoiling lifes of the people who work there.

What can middle class do? We live month by month. Just one month of no salary and have to make huge adjustments. I gave up. Just gave up in and thought that the team I had under my company was the luckiest. That gave me a little satisfaction. Thankfully people who worked under me reflect to the days under me as bliss. Its the greatest thing I have done in my life. I am very proud and happy about it.

But then. To my joy there is a company which does care for its employees, I just stumbled upon it. Its called Beyond Universe and its sister Inexgames. I teach Ruby on Rails there and know its employees personally. I have met its boss and and he seems to have “don’t push the employee” philosophy. All I have interacted are happy with that company. and I am so happy to be associated with it. Even its peon is happy. I have seen that no where. Not even in the firm I had.

Its boss Mr. Swamy seems to be a great listener. I only hope his philosophy spreads and every boss out there and makes them get a good heart like him. I am so happy to see a pocket among this city of slaves where people explore technology and strive to do things in the way they like.

If you are brilliant mind, try working there. don’t worry about money. You will become some one great. I hope that company stays blowing life into people forever.


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300 hits on day one

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

So, I just added loop to Loops section and released my Ruby programming book I Love Ruby yesterday about 5:00 PM Indian Time. You can get it on . I set the url shortening service to track it. And the result is this , around 300 hits the first day. It baffled me.

Thank you people. Hope you benefit out it. I also thank The Pirate Bay. Without its Ebook section I would have never learned top class Ruby and never been inspired to share my work with the world. This book is absolutely free. Even its source is available. So share it with your friends, modify it, redistribute it.

About the covers

I Know many people in India, and those who haven’t seen a movie or a supermodel or a girl ever in their life have complained about the covers. All I can say to them is this: Stay young.

Whats More

If I have time (the universe is too chaotic to predict anything), I might add meta-programming chapter. Or meta-programming might be woven then and there in the book. Please write the comments about the book to my email or join its facebook group


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Windows 8 is irritating for developers

I am employees in a place where they hired for open source development (or kinda guide people here), I had a linux system, but they lifted it out and installed Windows 8 for security reasons! Don’t drop your jaw, yes they said its for security reasons. Yes they said it for security reason. I am not drunk, I never ever drink in my life and I am sane and I say: “They took off linux and installed Windows 8 for security reasons”.

Okay whats gone is gone, I am quiet tired of trying to convince people about the goodness of linux and have given up. Well it sometimes feel great to be a Galileo among Catholics, an Socrates among Athenians. Then I started to work with Windows 8. I am a guy who likes to hit ode, to satisfy my curiosity. To be frank, humans have bored me, but computers and electronics haven’t. So I set out to program in Windows 8 and I ran into following stuff.

Moodle won’t work on Windows 8

My job requires me to have a taste of Moodle. Well, Moodle must work on XAMP, but as it gets installed on a hardware that has 8 core processor and 8 GB RAM which is really decent, it runs into an error, or just gets stuck. In home I have a linux mint desktop with 2GB RAM and I am able to install moodle onto it!

I just can’t get it. When I put in forums that I can’t install Moodle on Win 8, one of my friends remarked ‘who wants moodle installed on windows’. Well he is right 😦 . Good grief.

Ruby on Rails won’t work all well on Win 8

I got Ruby on Rails running on Win 8, thanks to Rails Installer project, but when it comes to installing gems like therubyracer, even with the devkit on there are some errors thrown out. Looks like I have to compile everything from Ruby from source to get things working. Well, cool! Who has time for that?

And when  ever I seek forums for help, people answer thinking I use Linux or Mac, none respects Windows now. Well, why should they respect a dying evil thing?

Pain to get Netbeans running

I got Netbeans running on jre7, then I had to install Java to test out selenium, then the pain started, though I  installed JDK, unlike linux that won’t be recognized. I have to find a file called netbeans.conf, change its permissions, edit jdk path and blah blah. Plus the security settings that winows provides is crap, it isn’t as powerful and simple as linux. Boy! I wasted an hour for that.

I could go on and on like this, but let me cut short it here. If you want to build a career on development, don’t ever buy a Windows PC. Buy one with Linux, that’s where all the fun is.


I Love Ruby – June Release

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

Click on the image to get the book

Planning for releasing I Love Ruby this June. It will have a new chapter dedicated to Struct and OpenStruct. Then there will be a exercise section, possibly somewhere in last where I will be giving some problems that Ruby programmers could practice. Don’t expect it to be easy.

Apart from that I will upgrade my knowledge of Meta Programming, to possibly put it in 2014 release of the book.

You can download the current book at . Well what else, happy Rubying!


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I Love Ruby 2013 released a long back

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

I Love Ruby 2013

Hello Ruby Folks,

I just noticed that I Love Ruby Book 2012 is getting lot of downloads from this blog (about 350 in two days). And it getting referenced from here. I just want to say I Love Ruby 2013 has been released,. Click here to get it. Bye.

And if you want the covers to be changed, here is a good suggestion. An ya sorry for not putting the latest release info in this blog. In 2013 June release I wish to get it Ruby 2.0 ready (that’s ridiculous as Ruby 1.9 is almost Ruby 2.0) . Any way the name jump will start another download frenzy and i can brag to my friends about it.

I am trying to write about the Struct in Ruby and Enum types. And that’s it. Enjoy life. And ya if any one can proof read book, spot mistakes, extend it, I will be very happy (provided this book is as free as in freedom).


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Coding @ 5X speed

It was a sweet news, we heard in last day or two that we the Rails guys in our office are able to develop code 5 times faster than normal. That put a smile on me, as well as a thought… ‘only 5x? why not 7x or 10x?’.

Well how could we achieve such a speed? The answer is simple. We use a well thought out application developer framework called Ruby on Rails, it eases many of the tough task that programmers do,  like interacting with databases and blah blah.

There is also an unfair comparison here. We were compared against people who develop software for iOS and Apple devices. though apple looks slick, its only the hardware that has the look, but Apples software is old, very very old. To make matters worst its coding tools and techniques are a generation apart. In fact if you compare Apple with Ubuntu, in last 3 year history, Ubuntu has revolutionized the desktop while Apple has essentially remained the same! Ubuntu is really fast and hence there is very less lag time while using Ubuntu.

The third is, good investors. Currently I am working for possibly one of the best people I have ever met in my life.  They are not only good professionals but good humans as well.

The fourth reason is I have got in good developers.  These are coders who can think and code without the help of any one. Yes we may interact to make things faster, but like Nelsons generals, each ships knows how to behave when in battle. I am quiet proud to say that I have 2 of the best coding minds in Tamilnadu with me.

The last but not the least, these coders love tech, they come to office not because of pay checks but because of tech and they want to explore it and learn about it. I am quiet happy about the development speed credited to us, but if 5X becomes 10X without any increase in bugs, I would be more happy.


I Love Ruby 2013 Plans

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

This cover might be retained for 2013 edition

OK, to those who have read I Love Ruby 2012 thanks. I am planning what should be there for 2013 edition. As a note of caution I must say that 2013 may never be released due to my laziness, or by some miracle I will be working in Webtoday ( I mean real work, no youtube and facebook ).

So, what new stuff may appear

  1. I will be writing about rdoc, how to read ruby documentation and generating it. Its very important to know about documentation for beginners
  2. Gems, how to use them and create them will be said (actually written).
  3. The licence could be changed from GFDL to Kopimi as this stupid Indian Linux User Group slammed me saying that I don’t have the right to put image of girls on this book without proper copy rights.
  4. The aim of book will still be the same. It will encourage one to take a boat out into the sea, thats it. It won’t teach him / her how to fish or dive beneath. Just tells one to take a boat out to sea.

And that’s it. If you want any other stuff just add a comment here.


Diasporas missing features


I am seeing articles on the internet which says that the social networking site Diaspora or D* is dead. Well that’s truly rubbish. D* is fully functioning and it is getting more and more number of server connected to it every month. Personally I have more friends on D* than my facebook and twitter combined.

One thing where facebook is great is to find who your friends are. I found most of my college and school friends on facebook. How it does the trick? Its quiet simple. Facebook asks you which school you studied, where you studied and which year you passed out, it then compares it with millions of other entries to match similarities. If some one studied in your college and graduated in the same year then you have good chance of knowing him / her. If they have taken the same course and matches the above criteria, then it knows absolutely that you know that person. OK this stuff looks a good thing, but the bad thing is facebook knows about your college and work details. Its not a free software and hence you really don’t know what goes behind that.

Lets say 5 of your friends buy an Audi, and they keep in touch with you, facebook will infer that you too may buy Audi or competitive brands and may recommend it to you. It may even send your details to car companies for them to know about you. Who knows? This is a problem with closed and opaque software. In similar ways facebook will scan your messages find weather you have heart disease, cancer, headache, or any other stuff and might show relevant advertisements. Well you do share our personal details with your friends on facebook! Don’t you? Its for you to decide weather you need to be spied upon or not.

D* on the other hand is a free software. Meant to be transparent, meant to respect your data. Its that’s why when you log on to D*, you might not find regular friends of your chatting in there, but mostly a bunch of software experts who value software freedom, rationalist, thinkers and activists, who know what happens to your data on facebook.

Well D* can rival facebook and I think its developer will soon take action to do so. One of the main feature I find missing in it is real time chat. Chat between two people or chat in a group. Chat is very very important and real time chat is a must to make normal people to use D*.

Before chat could be implemented I think real time updates are a must. When I post a ,message on facebook and when a user comments on it or likes it when I am online, facebook sends me a notification in real time. D* misses it, I must refresh the page to know what’s going on in real time. That’s a great set back for D* as of now.

Yup, next is video chat. But diaspora’s servers are not maintained by organizations that have huge huge bandwidths for N x M video chats but even I can have a diaspora instance running on my laptop and have my data protected. But I feel Video chat should be there, and a server admin could be able to turn it on or off as he wishes.

Facebook has a way to attach files in private messages, thus bringing it close to email. Why can’t D* have it?

D* has lot of tech and programmers using it. Sharing programs and asking doubt about them, sharing math equations will be a bonus.If these are implemented diaspora could rival stack overflow. Diaspora is good for writing long texts too, why not make it like a blogging platform? I really don’t know why such excellent stuff are not been taken into account in D* community.

Diaspora has this excellent tagging feature. for example we can view a stream that has a tag #biology or one with a tag #math. Why not we view a stream with tag both #biology and #math (that is their intersection).

Polls! Why not polls?! Image search? With each image D* has a text and tags attached to it. Then why not we have a option to search images?

Well So if D* succeeds making these stuff, then who will use facebook that too knowing that it spies on them?


ilr popularity surges

OK, I love Ruby’s popularity is going up in facebook 🙂

And Beta 6 of the book is available here

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