The Villa is quiet good

Just watched this movie a kind of ghost thriller ‘The Villa’ made by the guys who did this movie Pizza and its quiet good, not bad indeed.

Its a story of a writer who deals with a house he inherited from his dad, apparently this house was built by a black magician and this house is able to induce messages from future into the brains of people who live there and how these message become true even if people try to stop it.

The movie starts quiet good, the middle of the movie seems boring just like normal love story, but at the end the stuff start and we know why thing were the way they were, and stuff takes a superb turn.

These Tamil movie makers must learn about science a bit. Though this movie builds on blind faith, I can’t accept the fact that water exposed to sunlight for a long time is called deuterium. It just threw me off, I paused and laughed for about 5 minutes. Well if you know some one associated with the movie pass them this link

Apart from trying to mix science and blind faith which this movie flops, this movie is okay to watch. You will enjoy this movie if you don’t mind ignorant minds massacre science or if you don’t know science.

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Computer Guys

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Timestamps arent necessary

Oops this is my life’s blog, I have mistakenly wrote my Rails blog here, which has been moved to


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Great I.T company in Chennai

I have tried regular job and I have been a consultant, had my own firms and blah blah. I find one thing common in I.T industry today. employees are simply treated as slaves. They must be worked out so that every praise from the client can be extracted showing off their work. This trend is prevalent in big I.T majors HCL, TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys and blah blah.

Many souls have been irrecoverably broken. On one side there is a mental torture from your company. On the other there is a torture from your family, which fails to understand you and forces you to stick with these slave trading majors.

Its not just these big majors,I have had problem with small companies too. In one company called Orxxxin xexxning, where I worked as tech specialist, I was invited into room one day and was said that I never worked for a month. I really walked into the cabin for a constructive meeting, then I was slapped with this ridiculous charges. This made me sleepless for two days and I quit. I am quiet sure if something like God exist, they will spit blood and die. More worst one of my friends called me after I quit and said that they said he did not perform for last one year. He was almost in tears.

In another company that supplies learning products called Exxerxus rightly located in Kilpauk (famous for its mental institute), I encountered a pure psycho. Though the company is not to be blamed, I wonder why they did not reign in on that psycho who would just yell on me for no reason. No wonder souls working under him were miserable. But there I also notice another guy called Suresh who was a excellent peoples man. If its not for him, the team would have disintegrated.

There is a middle and/or top layer in many companies which simply doesn’t work, which simply doesn’t know what technology is, yet its slightly smart enough to realize that it can fill its pockets with money earned by offering tech products and services and those people turn out to be those ghosts spoiling lifes of the people who work there.

What can middle class do? We live month by month. Just one month of no salary and have to make huge adjustments. I gave up. Just gave up in and thought that the team I had under my company was the luckiest. That gave me a little satisfaction. Thankfully people who worked under me reflect to the days under me as bliss. Its the greatest thing I have done in my life. I am very proud and happy about it.

But then. To my joy there is a company which does care for its employees, I just stumbled upon it. Its called Beyond Universe and its sister Inexgames. I teach Ruby on Rails there and know its employees personally. I have met its boss and and he seems to have “don’t push the employee” philosophy. All I have interacted are happy with that company. and I am so happy to be associated with it. Even its peon is happy. I have seen that no where. Not even in the firm I had.

Its boss Mr. Swamy seems to be a great listener. I only hope his philosophy spreads and every boss out there and makes them get a good heart like him. I am so happy to see a pocket among this city of slaves where people explore technology and strive to do things in the way they like.

If you are brilliant mind, try working there. don’t worry about money. You will become some one great. I hope that company stays blowing life into people forever.


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How To Be A Average Person

How To Be A Average Person

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This 23-year-old’s open-source project, a server running on Raspberry Pi, gives the middle finger to Google

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Start screening Nigerians

Nigerians in India have got a bad name, just because a small percentage of them have done very wrong things like selling drugs, phishing, other fraud activities an so on. To kill any one in this land unlawfully is not acceptable. India belongs to humanity and not to a bunch of people who call them Indians. We need to be clear about it.

First Indus civilization flourished, after the arrival of Aryans, the Nandas, Guptas and Ashoka reigned this land. In the south Rajaraja became an Asian emperor extending his kingdom in Malaysia and Srilanka. This land has seen many Golden periods and more famines and nearly has a 10,000 years history.

Then Mugals came into India, because of which people like me enjoy briyani a lot. Then the British. Though India preserved Mugals legacy and muslims in its land, it failed the preserve Anglo Indians who are just wiped out. In short reproduce like rats and your community will thrive in India. In fact no piece of land belongs to none on this planet or any where in this universe.

India should be welcoming to any one who wishes that he can make this land more prosperous. Now to protect the good Nigerians here we have no other choice but to screen all their nationals who are here. Identify the crooks and chuck them out.

If this is not done, then there will be a tension all the time and there will be communal classes often which is totally stupid and unnecessary.

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