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Why I support Amma meals

Amma Meals

Though I have called her mad many times, Jayalaliha is quiet bold. But for some reason I don’t seem to like her, say for her thought of closing down Anna Library and so on. But I fully support her Amma meals scheme.

Many of my friends are against this meals scheme. They say that this would make people lazy and blah blah. Well can they really prove that hard working people are the richest and lazy people are the poorest?

Throughout history, excellent minds are the most tormented, and have become financially weak part of the society. Take for instance Subramaniya Bharathiyar. He mostly spent his life almost with no money. Great minds try to change the world to their way because they see something good in it, and the world afraid of change resists it. This makes them socially backward, but something has to keep them going. If something basic like food is not offered for subsidy, these minds that can bring a good change may breakdown i desperation.

Steve Jobs ate free food, so did Prophet Muhammed, Jesus, Buddha, Aadi Shankarar. You eat free food at temples and religious institutions and you don’t blame these great people who ate free food as lazies, nor do you tell these institutions that offer free food as lazy creators? Why?

Not all in our life is paid. We get free sunlight, free distilled water from sky, free oxygen from plants. The Earth never asked us money, the sea doesn’t charge money to our fishermen, the universe doesn’t charge money to reveal its secrets, nor does evolution charges money to have given us such a great brain that generates ideas. Its man the only one known that assigns values to things and makes himself pay.

Capitalism is a rigged system. You read this blog because you were born to relatively wealthy parents. Most Indians of your age may not even have a computer because they wee born into slums. How will they compete against us? Or is the wealth we have100% halal? Did we make sure that we had never paid bribe, made sure that customer we help, the companies we worked for are pure and bribe free?

So the points are clear

  • If great saints and religions offer free food we accept it because we are afraid of questioning it
  • We get everything in this universe for free. Even the energy / work and ideas that transform our surroundings come to us for free
  • We humans are stupid enough to make things not free
  • We humans use unfair means to gain wealth and don’t call ourselves thieves or lazies
  • Then we call some one who offers free / subsidized food as lazies creator

Well, what a species!!!! And to note, Jaya is not offering free food, but an subsidized one.

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Googles Opinion about Jayalalitha

goole on jayalalitha


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Jaya and Tamilnadu Congress could be behind Vishwaroopam Ban

P. Chidambaram

Vishwaroopam  though has won battles in court, its been banned in Tamilnadu for some reason. People have started to speculate that its Jaya herself is the one who is behind this ban. Why Jaya is behaving like a street fighter? The reason is as follows.

Not so long ago there was a book release about P.Chidambaram who is one of the top ministers in the Indian Union Government. Kamalakasan who the Director /Hero of Vishwaroopam spoke in the meeting and said that P.Chidambaram is a deserving candidate for next prime minister of India. Now what’s wrong with that? Well here is how its wrong.

Tamilnadu Congress party is spilt into many warring factions. In it Chidambarams faction is one of them, so all other factions hate P.Chidambaram. Chidambaram is also hated by the Tamilian Chief-minister J. Jayalaitha. So if Tamilnadu Congress was the one that uses Muslims as pawns to cause trouble to Vishwaroopam, Jaya because of the hate of Chidamabarm could hold back police and law from stopping violence.

The result, Kamal suffers huge loss, and this sends out a message t ever one that Chidambaram should not be supported by media / press or any other thing that would make him popular. Simple.

This alsoshows how cheap politics has become in Tamilnadu. If you don’t have guts and balls to fight against Chidambaram, then be quiet, why you use Kamalakasan and Muslims as pawn? What a shame. What a shame.

My heart is with Kamal. Hope things go right for him.

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