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Homosexuality Sucks

Homosexuality sucks, just the way Hinduism, Christianity and Islam sucks. If we can tolerate the latter three which mobs masses of Indians to worship the unproven God, and mind you if you say in court that I did this because of God, your statement will be invalid, why can’t we tolerate homosexuaity.

Every guy / gal / trans-gender has got the right to practice his or own belief. Be it hinduism, islam or homosexuality or what ever idiotic thing. If one beliefs in a thing and practicing it is causing no harm to others, why not let them practice, no matter how stupid it is? If we can allow a cheat baba who brings golden eggs out of mouth, why not these people?

I wonder, truly wonder, if trying to block Sethu Samthuthiram just because a hindu prince built a bridge 1000’s of years ago is non stupid, then how come people asking to marry the person they likeĀ  sounds stupid? Are we becoming an intolerant culture going backwards? If leaders who issue fatwa can walk free, then why not LGBT’s?

India must learn from South Africa, one of its great leaders in Desmond Tutu who is a priest, but South Africans are not stupid enough to block homosexual marriage. A nation younger than ours has more tolerant culture than us! Thats great!!!

Why we Indians want to control what others are interested? What others do? What others think? Who are we to say what one does is wrong if it affects almost none? Are we God?

The supremes court decision to outlaw homosexual relationships in one of the most populated nation on this planet is a blow to human rights in this nation and to entire humanity as a whole. It still shows old thinking leaders are still atop the pedestal controlling us.

Just like love was forbidden for ages, and now all accept it (at least in theory, till some one in their family falls in love with some stranger), homosexuality will be accepted one day. Even I hate it. I hate it as much as I hate drinkers, smokers, drug-takers, but I don’t bother them because they don’t bother me.

Can’t people in this nation practice the art of ignorant? What irritates us if bunch of people live the way they want to live?

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