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I wish I had Twains Brain

Hilarious comment about Censorship

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Freedom of expression should prevail


I am quiet dismayed by the fact  that Linux Kernel Mailing List is now intruded by big brother companies and they want it to be kind of moderated. The author here says he supports it. THE HELL.

First companies like Intel and Nvidia must understand ‘The Hacker Culture’. A hacker is a free person (who thinks he is THE GOD), change his feelings and he might not be as creative as he would be. Yes in mailing lists of open-source software around the world, there are abusive words, hard for newbies to take it in, that’s how it was, and that’s how it will be, and that’s how creative minds works. No secrets, just blunt honesty. If a company or person cannot tolerate it, may it be out of it. None begged them to develop Linux Kernel.

If Intel thinks it has truly got smart people than those who develop the Linux, it must put out its own OS! Thereby proving people who are introverts can build a better OS. Simple.


Hello Intel, if you want a brahmin sugar coated talk, tell your employees to goto a Marketing guys mailing list dominated by MBA’s.


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Best NSA joke ever

Best NSA joke ever

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Don’t Panic America!

Don't Panic America!

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Thankfully not all humans are stupid

Believe it or not, this kind of world is achievable. Just minus greed from humanity!

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Why Patents / Copyrights must be abolished

Why Patents / Copyrights mut be abolished

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Unblock Bay Image In India

Let us create a digitally free India

India projects itself as a free country, a country where liberty exists, but the truth is Indian internet is heavily filtered. A recent one that I found out is a web site called Bay Image has been blocked. One thing I am not able to understand why it has been blocked?

Bay Image is not a evil website, all it does is let users post images in it. That’s it! I don’t know why this one irks The Indian Government. All Bay Image does is protect the privacy of the uploader.Unlike many websites that track your I.P , force you to login, Bay Image does not do that. Being a part of the Pirate constellation of websites, led by The Pirate Bay , Bay Image just protects your privacy. in other words Indian Government or any one won’t know who uploaded a image.

I wonder why this terrifies the government so much? I also wonder weather there are a set of embarrassing images about Indian politicians in Bay Image which could start a revolution in this country, thus overthrowing corrupt people and businesses? If India says its a free nation and if the politicians truly swear by it, then why can’t India be a free country?

Yes there will be stuff put up by the terrorist and miscreants. Some one could put images that might trigger Hindu – Muslim violence, but shouldn’t a democratic country be democratic and trusting its people rather than fearing a website that gives true user freedom?

Take action for change

I strongly believe, every Indian should have uncensored access to the internet. If the government believes that an Indian truly has the right to vote his ruler then why they mistrust him / her and deny access to free Internet? If you think the choice of viewing web should be under your control and not be censored by the government, please sign this petition

Lets create a truly free India for our and future generations to come.


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