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Radical Islamist Ban a Movie in Tamilnadu

Vishwaroom the Movie

Its quiet crazy what’s happening in my state. A bunch of radical Islamist have managed to ban a movie called Vishwaroopam here. This film was made by a very good actor / director Kamalakasan who is quiet arguably the greatest actor Tamilnadu / India has ever produced. Most of the movies he made are world class.

When the entire Tamiian society was awaiting this thriller, then just six to seven Islamic radicals (some of them appear in Win TV) managed to block the movie by using some loop holes in law. The fact is there is nothing wrong shown about muslims in the movie. In fact our neighbouring state Kerala where there is significant muslim population has no problem in running this picture.

This ban also shows very sad state of Tamilnadu and how vote bank politics is ruining it. Just because some people influential in Islamic community and who could persuade thousands of muslims to cast vote the party they wish went and spoke to government, and the movie was banned!! Is this democracy. This is pure Talibanization.

One must realize that muslim in India are not Talibans. If you are muslim in India, please be aware that you are much more cultured and and much more aware than the one in Pakistan. Talibans and their ideas should stop at the Pakistani border and must not corrupt Indian muslims. In fact muslims in Pakistan who are fed up with Talibanization of their country must move to India.

For example take for Afghanistan. Women were more free in Afghan during the Soviet era, when the Talibans captured it, you know. Take a look at the picture below

Jinnas Wife wearing a saree

You could see Jinnas wife wearing a saree, now why has the saree wearing culture gone in Pakistan? What happened to unique Indian muslim culture that Pakistan should preserve? Did any one think of it? Why on Earth Pakistan is banning Facebook, Youtube and other stuff time to time. if God is so great why don’t they trust their citizens who are Gods children?

Who are these people who claim that they have right to change unique muslim cultures that’s present in almost every part of the world? Muslims must think. Think hard they must.

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