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Reliance Harrasment Continues

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Long long ago, I got a Reliance Internet dongle. I need to¬† go on trips so I needed Internet for my laptop. So I used it and then I called Reliance call center to terminate it. To my surprise the operator over there told that it cannot be terminated and if I don’t want the connection I must give it to my friend or some one known to me. When I disputed that I can force that bloody Internet dongle on any one, they failed to respond properly.

I did paid the bill till I used and thought that was it. Then one day I got a call from this number +91 7503528785 (and the called rpeated today too) today. They said that a court case is pending in Delhi high court. I was not surprised as I got a call like this before. The poor harassing telecaller girl does not even know how to serve a court notice or what steps must be taken if the notice was served and I did not respond to it.

The fact is this. Reliance has built a poochandi harassing network. That will pick up people who haven’t paid bills or those who they have billed wrongly. They then give this people a mental shock in a hope that they wwill pay the bill. This is mot the first time things are happening to me like this because of Reliance.

This reliance is a company that has no good culture. Take for instance Tata, there is almost no black mark on them, but there are thousands of gossip against reliance on how they have used bribes and influence.

I target this blog on reliance customers. If you are sing Reliance product, please stop using it. Pledge that you will not buy product from a company that will use rowdyism (that too for a mistake it has committed). I also ask Reliance stock holders to sell its stock and to buy stocks of some good company. These stocks may now good dividend now, but on the long run evil will face destruction.

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