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Great I.T company in Chennai

I have tried regular job and I have been a consultant, had my own firms and blah blah. I find one thing common in I.T industry today. employees are simply treated as slaves. They must be worked out so that every praise from the client can be extracted showing off their work. This trend is prevalent in big I.T majors HCL, TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys and blah blah.

Many souls have been irrecoverably broken. On one side there is a mental torture from your company. On the other there is a torture from your family, which fails to understand you and forces you to stick with these slave trading majors.

Its not just these big majors,I have had problem with small companies too. In one company called Orxxxin xexxning, where I worked as tech specialist, I was invited into room one day and was said that I never worked for a month. I really walked into the cabin for a constructive meeting, then I was slapped with this ridiculous charges. This made me sleepless for two days and I quit. I am quiet sure if something like God exist, they will spit blood and die. More worst one of my friends called me after I quit and said that they said he did not perform for last one year. He was almost in tears.

In another company that supplies learning products called Exxerxus rightly located in Kilpauk (famous for its mental institute), I encountered a pure psycho. Though the company is not to be blamed, I wonder why they did not reign in on that psycho who would just yell on me for no reason. No wonder souls working under him were miserable. But there I also notice another guy called Suresh who was a excellent peoples man. If its not for him, the team would have disintegrated.

There is a middle and/or top layer in many companies which simply doesn’t work, which simply doesn’t know what technology is, yet its slightly smart enough to realize that it can fill its pockets with money earned by offering tech products and services and those people turn out to be those ghosts spoiling lifes of the people who work there.

What can middle class do? We live month by month. Just one month of no salary and have to make huge adjustments. I gave up. Just gave up in and thought that the team I had under my company was the luckiest. That gave me a little satisfaction. Thankfully people who worked under me reflect to the days under me as bliss. Its the greatest thing I have done in my life. I am very proud and happy about it.

But then. To my joy there is a company which does care for its employees, I just stumbled upon it. Its called Beyond Universe and its sister Inexgames. I teach Ruby on Rails there and know its employees personally. I have met its boss and and he seems to have “don’t push the employee” philosophy. All I have interacted are happy with that company. and I am so happy to be associated with it. Even its peon is happy. I have seen that no where. Not even in the firm I had.

Its boss Mr. Swamy seems to be a great listener. I only hope his philosophy spreads and every boss out there and makes them get a good heart like him. I am so happy to see a pocket among this city of slaves where people explore technology and strive to do things in the way they like.

If you are brilliant mind, try working there. don’t worry about money. You will become some one great. I hope that company stays blowing life into people forever.


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Brick and Arrow


I am seeing quiet clear pattern in I.T enabled companies. Usually I.T enabled jobs are quiet repetitive, like call centers where they need less thinking. Lets say that a guy starts a call center with 10 employees and his earnings is x rupees. If he scales up and has 20 employees he can hope to earn 2x rupees. That’s simple math.

Its like a prisoner breaking bricks or stone in a prison. You have 10 prisoners and they can break 1500 bricks a day, have 20, they must be able to break 3000 bricks.The brick breaking process is methodological, disciplined and clean.

Now take an archer in a battlefield galloping and aiming his arrows on the enemy. The enemy is no fool. He will be clad in armor having only few weak spots. The archer should be extremely skilled to place his arrows on the right spot. You can’t expect that an archer in 30 minute battle can down 20 people, then he can down forty in an hour of battle.

The movement of an archer in battle will look chaotic, but what looks chaotic is nothing but responding to dynamic changing situation. There is a discipline and skill under what looks to be chaos,

Usually the programmers and engineers in a company will be doing something that hasn’t been done before (by them at the least). Things are new and you are put to find innovative solutions. The behavior of them will look chaotic as they respond unknown unknowns turning into known unknowns which then turn in known knowns. But like an archer the skill they obtained by practice and freedom they have will dictate them to look for an aim and shoot at their target.

The problem I see is many I.T enabled companies are finding it difficult to grasp why the technology team is producing less positive results despite having hardy, skilled people. They must realize that there is a difference between a prisoner breaking bricks and a free and chaotic archer in the battle field.


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Google Maps is rocking Internet world once again

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Techspecialist Demistified

Parota Specialist in Action

I am currently working in a company as Tech Specialist (full time). Lot of people who work with me, and others don’t know what really a tech specialist is. In fact even I did not know what a Tech specialist was, until one day….

I went to  a parotta shop in Selaiyur named Salem R R, then the enlightenment struck!!!

A tech specialist is like Kothu parota specialist, you see there are various types of kothu parotha, vegetable kothu parota, kara parota or chilli parota, mutton keema parotha, muttai or egg parota. A Kothu parota specialist gets your order, things of different ingredients that needs to go into it. You might also request a tailored version of kothu parota, like eggs miked in muttom keema parota to add a eggy flavor, more onions in it to make it more crunchy and so on.

Then taking the customer requirements, thinking of the ingredients and customization, the Kothuparota specialist goes to work, heating up his work, making masala in it and in a tawa tearing parota and mixing the masala to make a tasty kothu parota that’s stomach and soul filling.

My work as tech specialist is not much different from the kothu parota specialist. I listen to the customer requirements, pull out the necessary technology and mix it, teak it and deliver the final product. just like vegetable cutters, keema makrs and blah blah working with the parota specialist, I have people who are good on various programming task under me to make a perfect kothu…. sorry a perfect software solution. Or should I say kothu software as its mixture of various software ingredients.

A kothu parota specialist works before a hot stove, I work before a computer in cool A/C. That’s the only major difference.

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Project Execution in Corporates

Project Execution in Corporates

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How Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) treates its employees

Well, thats the case….

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Businesses With Heart

Try building a business with heart, you may succeed.

I have worked almost every level in the I.T field. There is one startling thing I notice, most businesses are heartless, and so are some employees. Each view each other as threat. This is a very sad thing. They forget why there is Business and why there is Work.

A business should be established so that it can bring smile to faces of humans. People must work so that they may go to bed that night knowing that they have contributed something good to humanity. That should be the purpose of Capitalism. A worker must have the belief that the company (s)he works in will protect him and not let down. A business must have belief that employees will work in it during crisis and will not behave like rats in a sinking ship, this trust must be there. This is what I call business.

Instead today I see the opposite. Business wants to get workers at the cheapest cost so that they can be more profitable, they want to exploit every drop of his blood so that one does the work of more than a person could possibly do. If the person fails, even for a moment of time, the business mercilessly finds another one to replace him and fires him.

On the other hand there are certain group of workers who just want to use business as their money source and nothing else. They are constantly focused on pay hike, and they think it must reach them some how by magic. Those who are in higher position often blame the people under them for failures and seek a way to continue to be inefficient and trustable. When will all this end?

The problem boils down to good heart and communication. A business or a bosses should never see people working under him as people who does some job and get away with money. He must trust them. Tell them what his or her idea is, and if accomplished what will happen and how the wealth will be distributed. Once the goals are reached, the word must be kept up. When there are hiccups, the boss should be tolerant to accept it. Else one must establish a business purely based on robots which are systematic and commit no error.

Its sad to see many business fail to do that. They think their workers as looters, say they are distracted even if he or she reads a magazine in office listens to music or does some thing else. Mind you no worker can’t work for 8 hours a day. If he can, then his work can easily be replaced by robots. Yet companies, even I.T companies which below its huge brand names put a subtitle that they are a knowledge and intellectual based business and make people think, do not keep up to their mantra.

The only way to solve this problem is to trust the younger generation. Rather than madly falling into the I.T or brand name trap, each and every one that comes out of college must think, “Can I have my own business? Can I make people smile by running it? Or will it bring tears? How can I start a business with heat?”

I don’t say that you will succeed just by reading my blog, but all I know is all young ones reading my blog start to think like this, at least one will will be able to spin a tiny business that has a heart in it.

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