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Only a open mind can survive an open world

Bradley Manning is in prison, Assange is in a prison, but Briton does not t say that it has restricted him. The world is certainly becoming more open, uncensored and brave, yet there are heck a lot of people who does not want it to be that way and they are doing all they can to clampdown on free people, but unfortunately for them that simply won’t work. Now none believes that western nations are a free society, India is a true democracy where bribes are illegal and blah blah….

People must decide for them self where they want to put them self, a open world where you are free enough to ignore stuff (if you wish so) and prove you case your own way ,or a walled garden where people who love censoring and want to hear things they want to hear and be stagnant. This applies to leaders, corporates, countries, families and individuals.

The problem is most people don’t see and acknowledge something coming, but thankfully non stupids are winning over the close minded stupids, and that’s great. Soon there will be a world only open and free minds can survive well and thrive, but it does not mean the old school people will vanish like a turning off a light bulb.


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Best NSA joke ever

Best NSA joke ever

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What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds


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Unblock Bay Image In India

Let us create a digitally free India

India projects itself as a free country, a country where liberty exists, but the truth is Indian internet is heavily filtered. A recent one that I found out is a web site called Bay Image has been blocked. One thing I am not able to understand why it has been blocked?

Bay Image is not a evil website, all it does is let users post images in it. That’s it! I don’t know why this one irks The Indian Government. All Bay Image does is protect the privacy of the uploader.Unlike many websites that track your I.P , force you to login, Bay Image does not do that. Being a part of the Pirate constellation of websites, led by The Pirate Bay , Bay Image just protects your privacy. in other words Indian Government or any one won’t know who uploaded a image.

I wonder why this terrifies the government so much? I also wonder weather there are a set of embarrassing images about Indian politicians in Bay Image which could start a revolution in this country, thus overthrowing corrupt people and businesses? If India says its a free nation and if the politicians truly swear by it, then why can’t India be a free country?

Yes there will be stuff put up by the terrorist and miscreants. Some one could put images that might trigger Hindu – Muslim violence, but shouldn’t a democratic country be democratic and trusting its people rather than fearing a website that gives true user freedom?

Take action for change

I strongly believe, every Indian should have uncensored access to the internet. If the government believes that an Indian truly has the right to vote his ruler then why they mistrust him / her and deny access to free Internet? If you think the choice of viewing web should be under your control and not be censored by the government, please sign this petition

Lets create a truly free India for our and future generations to come.


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Use Ajax when needed

I was designing my company’s website . The site was perfect and we launched, made few tinkering here and there. I was showing it off to friends and clients, trying to get a feedback. Some said it was good. Others said few changes here and there. And the rest prepared a Ph.d thesis explaining why my site was a blunder.

I was happy with what I had. the website had no Ajax but was good and it satisfied me. Then my brains worked what if I add Ajax and improved how my website worked. So I started to add ajax and found that the files I had almost doubled. This is when I began to think.

My web page is optimized for fast loading and can handle very high amount of traffic. Is it really need to add ajax to squeeze the last bit of bandwidth? No. No when it sucks up developers time. Plus when I add ajax I end up with lot of stuff that needs to be maintained. If I am going to change my website, or upgrade it tomorrow, I have to make sure all these parts work OK. That will be a headache. Many reviews point that my website is good and sweet. Why should I mess up stuff

Ajax is good. It does help user experience and improves speed of website. but one had to use it only when necessary. You need a knife to butcher a sheep, not AK-47 assault rifle.

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