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Freedom of expression should prevail


I am quiet dismayed by the fact  that Linux Kernel Mailing List is now intruded by big brother companies and they want it to be kind of moderated. The author here says he supports it. THE HELL.

First companies like Intel and Nvidia must understand ‘The Hacker Culture’. A hacker is a free person (who thinks he is THE GOD), change his feelings and he might not be as creative as he would be. Yes in mailing lists of open-source software around the world, there are abusive words, hard for newbies to take it in, that’s how it was, and that’s how it will be, and that’s how creative minds works. No secrets, just blunt honesty. If a company or person cannot tolerate it, may it be out of it. None begged them to develop Linux Kernel.

If Intel thinks it has truly got smart people than those who develop the Linux, it must put out its own OS! Thereby proving people who are introverts can build a better OS. Simple.


Hello Intel, if you want a brahmin sugar coated talk, tell your employees to goto a Marketing guys mailing list dominated by MBA’s.


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When Unity Sucked

Well, Ubuntu 13.04 was installed on my office system. It had unity and all was working great, till this happened

unity looks ugly

unity looks ugly

And then the wall paper changed like this

wall paper corruption

wall paper corruption

Well, I did report a bug in Ubuntu, but there isn’t any response as it would have been before, when Ubuntu listened to the community. Dismayed, I have installed GNOME on Ubuntu.

Looks like I have to change distros across all the computers I use, and ditch Ubuntu for turning blind eye to community. Its so sad, they bubbled up due to us, but now they ignore the hackers and others who contributed to it.

I think we must watch the bubble collapse and they will know the value of us.


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What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds


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SCIM works on Linux Mint

SCIm on Linux Mint

SCIM on Linux Mint

Yup, I am ditching Ubuntu. It works great on high power systems and Unity Desktop is really slow on any low power computers. Possibly those lenses are the problem who knows. But the main thing I missed in Ubuntu is SCIM (smart common input method) which lets me type my language Tamil quiet easily. For some reason it did not work in Ubuntu.

I have a desktop in my home that is low powered system compared to normal standards. I installed mint on it, surprisingly it installed faster than Ubuntu, it works smoothly without a glitch. And whats important is I can install SCIM and use Tamil in it! Just go to this link , follow the procedure and you got it.

Plus Ubuntu which started out by saying its a community distro is now ignoring the voice of community. Though I wont call it a betrayal, I feel it does not stand to mean what “Ubuntu” really is. So anyway thanks Linux Mint!

வாழ்க வையகம்! வளர்க லினக்ஸ் மின்ட்!!


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