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Techspecialist Demistified

Parota Specialist in Action

I am currently working in a company as Tech Specialist (full time). Lot of people who work with me, and others don’t know what really a tech specialist is. In fact even I did not know what a Tech specialist was, until one day….

I went to  a parotta shop in Selaiyur named Salem R R, then the enlightenment struck!!!

A tech specialist is like Kothu parota specialist, you see there are various types of kothu parotha, vegetable kothu parota, kara parota or chilli parota, mutton keema parotha, muttai or egg parota. A Kothu parota specialist gets your order, things of different ingredients that needs to go into it. You might also request a tailored version of kothu parota, like eggs miked in muttom keema parota to add a eggy flavor, more onions in it to make it more crunchy and so on.

Then taking the customer requirements, thinking of the ingredients and customization, the Kothuparota specialist goes to work, heating up his work, making masala in it and in a tawa tearing parota and mixing the masala to make a tasty kothu parota that’s stomach and soul filling.

My work as tech specialist is not much different from the kothu parota specialist. I listen to the customer requirements, pull out the necessary technology and mix it, teak it and deliver the final product. just like vegetable cutters, keema makrs and blah blah working with the parota specialist, I have people who are good on various programming task under me to make a perfect kothu…. sorry a perfect software solution. Or should I say kothu software as its mixture of various software ingredients.

A kothu parota specialist works before a hot stove, I work before a computer in cool A/C. That’s the only major difference.

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Project Execution in Corporates

Project Execution in Corporates

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Windows Eliminated

I was reading about Meteorjs in a book when I came upon the piece of text shown above (image). Just note that this book explains how to install it in Mac and Linux but not in Windows. Well, I am happy about it. The age has gone when big corporations like Microsoft wanted to eliminate free software and a new age has dawned where free software world want to eliminate off proprietary software.

Windows sucks, especially Windows 8 when it comes for development. I was forced to use Windows 8 at a location and people said it was safer, which shocked me, any way I gave a try, but found that most software (especially from the free world) won’t simply get installed on it!  Even installation of Vagrant (a portable development tool)  failed for some reason.

I hope there will be no more releases of Windows any more. Sometimes it truly destroys things. I wonder how can companies that pioneer the use of Windows can really develop on free software platforms?


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When Unity Sucked

Well, Ubuntu 13.04 was installed on my office system. It had unity and all was working great, till this happened

unity looks ugly

unity looks ugly

And then the wall paper changed like this

wall paper corruption

wall paper corruption

Well, I did report a bug in Ubuntu, but there isn’t any response as it would have been before, when Ubuntu listened to the community. Dismayed, I have installed GNOME on Ubuntu.

Looks like I have to change distros across all the computers I use, and ditch Ubuntu for turning blind eye to community. Its so sad, they bubbled up due to us, but now they ignore the hackers and others who contributed to it.

I think we must watch the bubble collapse and they will know the value of us.


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The Developers Mentality

Well, the person who says “Nvidia fuck you” in the video is Linus Tovarlds. An excellent hacker who created Linux and a excellent versioning system called Git. This blog is for the management guys. Linus could have been a billionaire had he made his creations proprietary, but, he gave it away to the world for free.

There are thousands of developers around the world, who give away their creation and contributions for free. Why? I don’t know. The creation that Linus did, Linux, generates billions of dollars of revenue every year, and without it there would be no Internet as we know now. Frankly saying, 98% of the internet runs on Linux.

Any way I am going off topic. This blog is for the ones in management. Lets say that you run a company that hasn’t had a software division, say you have a weaving factory, you might e having a work structure where all needs to log their time in and time out so that one could know how long you have worked. Say that weaving factory wants to have a software team to write software for a smarter monitoring system they are doing to run the factory more efficiently, and they hire a software team. Is it right to treat them like the weavers? The answer is No.

Software is like writing a poetry. A poem is written which the computer understands and acts accordingly. Like poets software developers think they are God, get pleased when their creation is appreciated and feel down and would surely want to kill you if you don’t appreciate or speak damaging about his / her work. If he or she has that power, they will kill you. No kiddin.

One of my strong feelings is, software professionals can’t be truly monitored using time sheets or some stuff like that. A coder would have taken a week to complete a task and he might be filling his work form regularly to show it to his seniors, but another great coder would have completed the same work in day. If he was asked what he did in another 2 days he took rest or what his progress was, he would just reply “STFC” (see the fucking code).


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Infosys Forces Employees to Wear a Tie

Infosys is a Indian software major. It wants to be seen by the west as a great company and where free culture prevails. It wants Banking, Finance, Service and Insurance sector to look at in awe as those are it primary targets who tell it to write complex pieces of software. It was a dream of computer engineers to work  at Infosys, but not any more. Its working conditions have deteriorated a lot as for the info I got from my friends.

Recently I heard a shocking story where one of my friends employed in Infosys Banglore over the pone told me that the company is forcing him to wear uniform like a school kid. I did not believe it as that a stupidest thing to do to a software engineers and technicians. Why on earth should they wear a tie in in relatively hot Indian city? It won’t be so so cold in Banglore! I simply did not believe it.

But recently another friend of mine has confirmed it. Yes Infosys treats its employees like school children, there is a dress code and one must wear a tie. He further added that if you fail to wear tie for work,the watchman is assigned to charge a fine of Rs 500/- from that employee.

Ever remember how we were punished in school for not wearing a uniform properly by an idiotic teacher who did not care about our and our parents miseries? God. God, God, God, fuckin fuckin God. I don’t know how they treat employees in Chennai and other offices outside India, and I can’t believe none has the nerve to protest and tell the management that bug free code does not generate by wearing a disciplined dress, but by doing disciplined coding.

If you are kid out of college and want to join Infosys, better not, change your mind. Join a place where freedom exists. Any way this video is for Infosys employees 🙂 ROFL

If you want a good environment freshers, try joining Zoho. Its perks and culture are really good and they compete with Google. But ya, they (Zoho) have hire lot of bad bad engineers who would drive you nuts.


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Skype on Ubuntu GNU/Linux sucks

I had to attend various meetings. Stupid Webtoday’s policy mandates us to stay for about 14 hours in the office and hence I have almost time for nothing. So I installed Skype on my laptop to have those meetings. The first meeting got away smoothly, then I had another Webtoday meeting which should be ultimately dull and boring and skype helped me a lot! LOL. It crashed so often that I had a good reason to quit out of the meeting.

Well Skype on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 32 bit is quite good, but on 64-bit it truly sucks. Well what next? Skype is not the only stuff that offers free video chat,  we have this google which helps us have chat right from the browser. If nothing exists, then I will write a chat client of my own. Not so tough.

Any way I am lukin for a free software chat so that my chats won’t be tracked back door by a big company that wan’t to sell my personal data. If you know one just comment in this blog 😉 . Thanks for reading.


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