ICICI is a fraud bank

22 Sep

Today I got a call from my old ICICI bank manager. She wanted to know why I am not operating my account. I informed her that ICICI is taking out money out of my account for no reason. I was fed up with it and hence I transferred my money to another bank.

She immediately said that if my balance is below Rs 5000/- then bank will take out money as penalty for not maintaining minimum balance. What? A bank in India must obey RBI guidelines. RBI has never defined a minimum balance amount. I can have a bank account and have no money in it. It’s my choice and bank should not bother about it. There is no RBI guideline that says banks can charge a penalty if the amount dips below what they (the banks) have defined as minimum balance.

When I asked the manager ‘why her bank disobeys RBI guidelines?’ she said ‘OK sir’ and put down the phone. This conversation clearly indicated to me the following facts

1. ICICI bank is a clear fraud bank since its flouts RBI guidelines
2. They are in no mood to accept that they are criminals
3. Since there are in no mood to accept their mistake, for a long long time they will remain frauds

Hence I request every one of you having an ICICI bank account to withdraw all your amount and put it in a good bank that does not rob its customers. Call me 9444018524 if you would like to get guidance or feel that ICICI has robed you.


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3 responses to “ICICI is a fraud bank

  1. ICICI Bank Care

    October 4, 2010 at 4:48 AM

    Dear Karthik,

    We understand that our official had spoken to you. Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will share it with the right department.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

  2. Anix

    October 9, 2010 at 2:09 AM

    My experiences with ICICI has also left me with a bad taste in my mouth. They clearly dont know what customer service means..

    My advice – stay away!


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