Homosexuality Sucks

Homosexuality sucks, just the way Hinduism, Christianity and Islam sucks. If we can tolerate the latter three which mobs masses of Indians to worship the unproven God, and mind you if you say in court that I did this because of God, your statement will be invalid, why can’t we tolerate homosexuaity.

Every guy / gal / trans-gender has got the right to practice his or own belief. Be it hinduism, islam or homosexuality or what ever idiotic thing. If one beliefs in a thing and practicing it is causing no harm to others, why not let them practice, no matter how stupid it is? If we can allow a cheat baba who brings golden eggs out of mouth, why not these people?

I wonder, truly wonder, if trying to block Sethu Samthuthiram just because a hindu prince built a bridge 1000’s of years ago is non stupid, then how come people asking to marry the person they like  sounds stupid? Are we becoming an intolerant culture going backwards? If leaders who issue fatwa can walk free, then why not LGBT’s?

India must learn from South Africa, one of its great leaders in Desmond Tutu who is a priest, but South Africans are not stupid enough to block homosexual marriage. A nation younger than ours has more tolerant culture than us! Thats great!!!

Why we Indians want to control what others are interested? What others do? What others think? Who are we to say what one does is wrong if it affects almost none? Are we God?

The supremes court decision to outlaw homosexual relationships in one of the most populated nation on this planet is a blow to human rights in this nation and to entire humanity as a whole. It still shows old thinking leaders are still atop the pedestal controlling us.

Just like love was forbidden for ages, and now all accept it (at least in theory, till some one in their family falls in love with some stranger), homosexuality will be accepted one day. Even I hate it. I hate it as much as I hate drinkers, smokers, drug-takers, but I don’t bother them because they don’t bother me.

Can’t people in this nation practice the art of ignorant? What irritates us if bunch of people live the way they want to live?

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Use GNU/Linux ;)

Use GNU/Linux ;)

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Positive response for I Love Ruby

What do you call a person who projects +ves of his work and hies the -ve ones?

positive response for I Love Ruby

You can get this book over here

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Ask the Alumnus Employees

Why its that no company refer their alumnus employees to the person who are seeking job? All companies want to know almost everything about the people who are applying for job. In fact they carry background checks. But once you are in, you experience politics, this and that which spoils your work and mind.

This 2013 was really turbulent for me. A deal with two companies turned sour. I found internal stuff to be unbearable and all were hidden between some bureaucratic stuff and stupid certification. One company even told developers to fill in time sheets! They could not differentiate between mechanical content development, their main business and coding.

I have learned one thing. If you seek contract or job from any company don’t believe the company. The company may show growth, optimistic forecast, a great technical team. But remember all are shrouded in a cloak you can’t see. If you get in expecting a decent work place you will be fooled.

To know about a company, goto  facebook or linked in, seek the company employees, better people who had worked there, message them and know about it. Ask the H.R why particular employee went out even though the company claims to be THE HEAVEN for work. With the H.R’s statement, cross reference with the employees weather the H.R did a diplomatic talk or a true stuff.

And one thing, don’t walk into a place expecting big buck raise. Salary is one thing, if you are talented you will be hired, so don’t worry about it, look for a good work place. Unfortunately no company has a open policy to let their employees to talk about the internal stuff in the external world. Employees had to quit to do so. That sucks, that ain’t democracy, that ain’t freedom.

Letting out secret is one thing, but criticizing about work culture in public domain must be allowed and bosses should be able to take on negative tweets against them in a sportive manner. Wonder when the people having power and money will change? Will they or there must brew a revolution?


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Added something about Metaprogramming in I Love Ruby

I Love Ruby 2012 cover

Hello Folks,

Added something about meta programming in I Love Ruby. The book is available for download in this link

Today something happened about this book. There is a rails guy in my office, he called me to his place and said I know a Ruby book written by local guys and it LOOKS …..

He opened it and it was my book he was taking about. But by some means in all these years he had missed I had written it. He showed the picture of Kannan Dos and said, look he is our local guy. I told him to scroll a little up by a page and there he saw my picture and was surprised and shocked. I am happy that he is recommending this book to all people who are beginning to learn Ruby. I’m honored.

He was travelling in my car at the end of the day. He complained about the cover and how this book will blast if the covers are changed. Well I like that shriya and anushka pictures. To my eyes they are beautiful. The source of book is given in the book. Any one can download it, change the covers and redistribute it as this book is written under GFDL license.

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What made the human Brain?

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Tata motors helpline sucks

18 Nov 2014, I was going to office when I felt strange in my car (a tata nano), I was near Velacherry and I turned my car to return home, I was around Medavakkam and my vehicle ceased completely at the junction in midst of super heavy traffic. With the help of a policeman and a passer by I pushed my vehicle to the end of the road. Just a week before it my vehicle went completely dark and I changed battery.

I searched my contacts and got a Tata motors help line, I called it. The voice said that they are transferring the call to emergency break down team, and it rang and rang and rang. Then some one picked it up and answered in Hindi. i requested them to speak either Tamil or English and he did something then I head the ringing stuff once again and none piked it up.

I called the second time and this time they said they will transfer the call to break down team and it rang and rang and rang, none from the break down team responded. The third time I called, it must have been half an hour since my car had broken down, the sun was beating, every vehicle in the Medavakkam junction was missing my vehicle by few feet, I had to be there, I could not move from that spot.

The third time I asked them to give some mechanic number, but they said they knew no mechanic number in Chennai!!!! Which just surprised me. I told them clearly that they are hopeless and for everything they said “we are sorry for your inconvenience” , rather than being in a helpline those people could have made their living well as politicians or their binaamis. No matter how much I tell them that their break down response team is waste, they would transfer a call to that stupid thing and none would pick it up.

My uncle arrived on spot an we decided that to goto the nearest service center OMR check point in Perungudi. We went there only to find out that its been vacated somewhere and Vestas now occupied it. Then I received a call and this time it was from Tata motors helpline, I told them that I will see a local mechanic and they are waste, but even that girl would transfer call to the emergency break down or what ever, and once again I heard the ringing sound, it went for another 1 minute, I was fed up and cut the call.

Thank fully my uncle remembered a TAFE Reach (another service company) number, we called them and they arranged a pick up truck which charged us Rs 2500/- to toe the vehicle.

Well, why am I writing this, just one week of the repair, my car A/C stopped working and when I am frustrated about Tata motors again some guy put a comment positive about Tata Motors in my Tata motors is unreliable blog. 😦 . It would be nice if he can take upon my travel expenses when my car is in repair. I have to live without my car for another 4 days I think.

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The Villa is quiet good

Just watched this movie a kind of ghost thriller ‘The Villa’ made by the guys who did this movie Pizza and its quiet good, not bad indeed.

Its a story of a writer who deals with a house he inherited from his dad, apparently this house was built by a black magician and this house is able to induce messages from future into the brains of people who live there and how these message become true even if people try to stop it.

The movie starts quiet good, the middle of the movie seems boring just like normal love story, but at the end the stuff start and we know why thing were the way they were, and stuff takes a superb turn.

These Tamil movie makers must learn about science a bit. Though this movie builds on blind faith, I can’t accept the fact that water exposed to sunlight for a long time is called deuterium. It just threw me off, I paused and laughed for about 5 minutes. Well if you know some one associated with the movie pass them this link

Apart from trying to mix science and blind faith which this movie flops, this movie is okay to watch. You will enjoy this movie if you don’t mind ignorant minds massacre science or if you don’t know science.

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Computer Guys

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Timestamps arent necessary

Oops this is my life’s blog, I have mistakenly wrote my Rails blog here, which has been moved to


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